Ayrault inspects his country’s UNIFIL contingent in Naqoura

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, currently in Lebanon, inspected Monday his Country’s contingent operating within UNIFIL in south Lebanon, where he was greeted at UNIFIL’s Command headquarters in Naqoura by Deputy Commander Imran Raza, senior French peacekeepers and UNIFIL officers.

Minister Ayrault arrived Monday in Lebanon on a two-day official visit where he will hold talks with senior Lebanese officials.

Ayrault listened to a briefing on UNIFIL’s role and operational mission, in terms of the implementation of UN Resolution 1701, in close cooperation with the Lebanese army.

The French Minister saluted peacekeepers, particularly his country’s soldiers, for their sacrifices for peace in south Lebanon.

Ayrault arrived in Naqoura aboard an international helicopter coming from International Rafic Hariri Airport.

Source: National News Agency

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