Basra Govt Agrees With The Italian ENI Station To Supply Basra With 250 MW Of Electricity

Basra  First Deputy Governor of Basra, Muhammad Tahir Al-Tamimi, announced an agreement with the Italian ENI station to connect the station with the national grid to supply Basra with electricity, stressing that “this electrical connection will contribute effectively to improving (the voltages) of the electrical network on one hand, and will reduce its collapse, as a result of the increase of the network overhead on the other hand.”

Hiss media office said in a press statement, “Al-Tamimi held a technical meeting at the station belonging to the Italian company (ENI), in the presence of the director of electrical energy production, the assistant director of energy transmission, and representatives of Basra Petroleum Company to discuss the supply of the national grid with electricity from the station.”

He added that it was agreed to operate two units of the station with a capacity of (250) MW and connect it to the national network, noting that “the first 50 MW will enter the electrical network on the first of next August until the proportion of the supply of the network reaches 125 MW, for the first unit in the seventh of August, then the second unit will be entered, bringing the generation rate to 250 MW, during the fifteenth of next August.

Al-Tamimi continued, “This generation will increase the hours of electricity supply to Basra Governorate, and will improve the voltages in the electrical network, and will reduce the breakdown of the voltage that occurs as a result of increased loads on the national grid.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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