Bassil from Ain Ibil: Presidency issue out of discussion, FPM supporters to refrain from dwelling on subject


Free Patriotic Movement Chief, Foreign Affairs Minister Gebran Bassil, asserted Sunday that the issue of the Republic Presidency is not proposed for discussion and hence, urged all FPM supporters to refrain from dwelling on the subject.

Bassil’s words came as he pursued his visit to the southern district of Marjayoun, where he had two stop overs in the towns of Ain Ibil and Debl.

Bassil commended the people of the region for their steadfastness and attachment to their lands, saying, “The Free Patriotic Movement will continue to work with the community for its development and prosperity. We aim to work, yet there are those who try to hinder our steps…But we must go on despite the false news we hear every day…”

“After two days I will be heading to the United States and you will hear rumors about this visit,” he went on. “It comes at the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to a conference on religions. It is important that Lebanon is not absent from this event due to its symbolism…These conferences bring together a large number of countries and we know their purpose and achievements, and whenever we may be, we speak of a one united Lebanon,” assured Bassil.

He indicated that time now is a time of work, since the country is going through difficult economic crises and the Parliament Council is before a challenge next week which entails taking bold decisions and working to ease the problems at stake and reach the needed solutions. “The current stage requires responsibility and action and not giving up,” he maintained.

Bassil’s next stop-over was in the town of Jdeidet Marjayoun where he was warmly welcomed by FPM supporters and partisans. He also attended a Mass serve at Saint George Church in Qlai’aa, following which he met with townsmen and officials from the region.

Bassil touched on the issue of Lebanese nationals who have been deported to the occupied Palestinian territories, saying, “We are committed to their issue as our commitment to sovereignty and we will work on the law that can help ensure their return.”

Referring to their right to return to their homeland, Bassil disclosed that “Justice Minister Albert Sarhan will submit a draft decree to establish a mechanism for implementing the law that will aid in the return of Lebanese deportees and start their return process.”

Bassil underlined Lebanon’s political and military victory over Israel, while noting that our country still has to win economically over it. ‘We have to ensure an economic resistance,” he said. “We, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have begun to consider ways to promote the export of Lebanese products abroad, including oil and olives,” disclosed Bassil.

Source: National News Agency