Bassil: We are not living in disturbed region, but disaster one

Foreign Affairs Minister, Gibran Bassil, said, “We are not living in a tense region, but in a disaster one,” indicating that we are not living in a stable Lebanon “knowing that we hope that.”

Bassil’s stance came Wednesday in the context of the second day for Oslo Forum that was attended by UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Sigrid Kaag, former Minister Ghassan Salameh, representatives of the Lebanese civil society and international officials.

“We are living today a sort of illusionary stability, we should make such stability real,” said Minister Bassil.

He went on to say that we were able to form an immunity system through letting external peace and security base the foreign relations and through establishing a network of security in the interior.

Bassil explained that Lebanon was threatened existentially, as the country is facing the dangers of terror and intensive Syrian displacement. He thereby addressed international partners to take the required measures to put terms to the displaced Syrians crisis through encouraging Syrians to return to their homeland when circumstances would allow for that.

The minister confirmed the Lebanese stance that voiced rejection to nationalization which was prohibited by the Constitution, explaining that the best solution to the displaced crisis is the return of Syrians to their homeland.


Source: National News Agency

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