‘Beirutis List’for municipal elections announced from “Center House” NNA Under the patronage and in the presence of Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the “Beirutis List” for the elections of the municipal Council of Beirut, headed by Jamal Itani, was announced this afternoon from the “Center House”.

The announcement was made in the presence of Minister Michel Pharaon, MPs Atef Majdalani, Ammar Houri, Mohammad Kabbani, Jean Ogassapian, Serge Torsarkissian, Nadim Gemayel, Sebouh Kalpakian, Hani Kubaisi and Imad Hout, former Minister Hassan Sabeh, Lebanese Forces Coordinator in Beirut Imad Wakim, Head of Lebanon Press Federation Aouni al-Kaaki, president of order of architects Khaled Chehab, Head of the Union of Beirut Families Faouzi Zeidan and a number of mayors and a crowd of Beirutis.

The ceremony started with the Lebanese national anthem, after which candidate Jamal Itani said: “Beirut was and will always be the mother of laws and the capital of Lebanon, the Arabs, education, history and tourism. Beirut, the morning newspaper, the hospital and university memories of Arabs, will witness on May 8 a democratic, civil and developmental event, which concerns each and every one of you and your aspirations for a better city, for Beirut to remain the beacon of the Middle East, for its shore to remain the most beautiful on the Mediterranean and its people the example of moderation, coexistence, openness and diversity.

I am happy to announce a summary of the electoral program of the “Beirutis List” and the names of its members.

1-A clean and green Beirut

-Sort the waste from the source, put different containers for waste separation and establish modern factories for a final solution for Beirut’s garbage.

-Rehabilitate public beaches and clean Beirut’s shores.

-Increase the green spaces in Beirut: create public parks, open their doors to the public, plant trees on the roadsides, and light the streets.

-Allocate green spaces in the new projects and encourage the private sector to invest in public parks.

-Prepare the necessary infrastructure to encourage the safe use of bicycles in the city.

2-A lit Beirut

-Launch a workshop to study all the serious solutions for the electricity and water crises within the scope of Beirut’s municipality. The solutions are there but they need a final study to choose the most suitable environmental and economic solution.

3-Solve the traffic crisis in Beirut

-Complete the development of infrastructure, including the rain water lines, sewage system, drinking water and fiber optic network to develop communications and internet.

-Do a comprehensive maintenance that prevents the roads from drowning during winter and preserves sidewalks for pedestrians.

-Remove barriers and concrete bunkers that prevent cars from parking or cut the roads inside the neighborhoods of Beirut or hinder the people from walking on the sidewalks.

-Establish new parking lots on vacant properties.

-Introduce organized bus lines that fit the streets of Beirut to facilitate the movement of citizens within the capital and reduce traffic jam like in the developed capitals.

4-The health of the Beirutis

-Ensure around the clock health emergency services for the people of Beirut.

-Improve the situation of the municipal clinics and government hospitals located within the municipal scale.

-Improve the situation of the public school buildings and pay particular attention to the issues of health and hygiene.

5-An athletic Beirut

-Establish sports fields in the various neighborhoods of Beirut.

-Support the Beiruti sport clubs and associations.

6-Beirut’s heritage

-Establish public libraries and modern electronic centers that keep pace with technological development.

-Launch an annual Beirut cultural festival with an annual award presented to a distinctive Lebanese or Arab cultural event.

-Encourage all kinds of cultural projects and support cultural centers.

-Restore and preserve the cultural buildings and accelerate the endorsement of restoration permits.

-Maintain the identity of historic areas, neighborhoods and alleyways and improve them to keep the memory of Beirut.

7-Modern Beirut

-Introduce free internet in public places that belong to the municipality of Beirut like the parks, sport stadiums, etc

8-Civil Beirut

-Involve Beirut’s civil society in launching projects, ideas and initiatives related to the work of the municipality.

-Involve Beirut’s youth in civil work by adopting their proposals and implementing their projects.

9-Beirut municipality police

-Increase the number of Beirut municipality police officers and organize them, with the priority of employing Beirutis.

10-Beirutis and the municipality

-Commitment to fair and just estimations.

-Accelerate the transactions of citizens with full transparency

-Develop an application on smart phones and computers that enables the citizen to inquire about the stages of his formality and to make suggestions and complaints.

-Establish an around the clock hotline to receive the complaints of citizens and then inform them of the result.

-Dedicate a day per week to receive the citizens without prior appointment by the President and members of the municipal council to listen to their demands within the framework of the open door policy. We will also inspect on the ground the existing sites in the capital.

11-Beirut and the world

-Work on the twinning Beirut with a number of developed capitals and cities to benefit from their expertise.

This is the program of the “Beirutis List” which we wanted to be a road map to regain your confidence in your institutions and municipality. We put this program to execute it and we will not limit ourselves to it, we will always be ready to listen to any problem or suggestion from the people of Beirut and those who love Beirut. We will come back to you when we face any obstacle or disruption because Beirut deserves better and will not accept to be a scapegoat. Beirut’s decision belongs to its people, to the Beirutis. And for Beirut to remain for its people vote for the “Beirutis List”.

Itani then introduced the candidates on the list as follows: Mounir Sinjabi, Aram Milian, Rami Issam Ghaoui, Ragheb Haddad, Hoda Osta, Mathilda Khoury, Elie Andrea, Yousra Sidani, Sleiman Jaber, Fadi Chahrour, Joseph Roufayel, Adnan Omeirat, Hagop Tarazian, Bilal Masri, Sihak Kechichian, Abdallah Darwiche, Gabriel Ferneini, Mohammad SaA�d Fatha, Elie Yahchouchi, Khalil Choucair, Tony Siriani, Imad Beydoun and Joseph Traboulsi.

For his part, Premier Hariri said: “We will go on May 8 to the polls and vote for your list; you are the people of Beirut, you are the Beirutis, this is your list, the list of coexistence, the real parity list for which Martyr Premier Rafic Hariri always called. This list represents the accord of the people of Beirut to rebuild, develop and unite the capital. We will go on May 8 to elect this list to consecrate the parity and unity of Beirut, just as Martyr Premier Rafic Hariri wanted.

This list includes qualified people and represents all parties and we will all go on May 8 to elect it. Long live Beirut, long live Lebanon.”

Source: National News Agency

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