Marking Lebanon’s 77th Independence Day, spiritual families, free professions unions, universities, economic figures, labor bodies, and community forces launched, on Monday, a national rescue initiative under the headline, “Together We Recover the State,” in a meeting organized at the Palace of Justice in Beirut.


Partaking in the initiative’s launching were the Beirut and Tripoli Bar Associations, the Beirut and Tripoli Doctors Syndicates, the Beirut and Tripoli Dental Syndicates, and the Syndicates of Engineers, Press, Editors, Pharmacists, Nurses and Physical Therapists, Accountants, Contractors Association, and Real Estate Appraisers. The initiative included the signing of a document by the participants.


In his word during the launching event, Beirut Bar Association Dean, Melhem Khalaf, said that this initiative is at the level of the people’s pains and sufferings, and their hopes for a better tomorrow; noting that its principles are open for discussion.


“At this historical moment, marking the centenary of the state of Greater Lebanon and the anniversary of the independence of the republic, in a dark apocalyptic scene unprecedented in the history of the nation, we come together today…We are not seeking power, nor a coup nor violence, but rather we wish to overcome the bitter reality with a peaceful constitutional, human rights, and democratic path. We want to recover the state by reconstituting power, we want the state to be restored in order to rebuild the nation!” stated Khalaf.


“We are presenting a national rescue initiative that is far from any disputes and from any narrow interests. It is a roadmap to get out of the moral crisis that has clung to public life. It is an integrated initiative that cannot be addressed in parts but as a whole, with humility, sympathy, courage, and without excluding anyone,” he added.


“We call, first, on all citizens to join, and we ask, secondly, all those concerned in the authority, to view it as quickly as possible, and thirdly, we appeal to the whole world and every living conscience to keep pace with its implementation, for through it is the salvation of Lebanon and the Lebanese,” Khalaf underscored.


“Today people are desperate and hungry. Today we decided to raise our voice, for we will not have a nation as long as we are silent. We will not have a homeland, as long as we are distant from demanding our right to life, freedom and dignity. We will not have a homeland, as long as we keep disagreeing…We will not have a homeland, if we do not restore the state with its institutions!” he corroborated.


“We will not accept the continued collapse of the state and we will recover it together,” pledged Khalaf, adding, “We have made our decision to stay in our land, to save our homeland, to fulfill the hopes of our emerging generations, and to build the foundations of the second centenary of Greater Lebanon.”


“No more words, it is time for effective action at the level of the entire Lebanon!” he concluded.


Source: National News Agency


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