Berlin Vows To Help Lebanon Ease Burden Of Hosting Refugees

BEIRUT, The German city of Berlin, on Tuesday, voiced readiness to help Lebanon to deal with the heavy burden of hosting Syrian refugees.

We are ready to offer help for Lebanon and its municipalities, to support the country in hosting the big number of Syrian refugees, said State Minister of the Interior of Berlin, Andreas Geisel, during his visit to Sidon, south of Lebanon.

We are also ready to coordinate with Lebanese authorities, to identify areas in which we can cooperate, he was quoted as saying.

Geisel said, the purpose of his visit was to check how Berlin can support Sidon, as a response to a letter sent by the mayor of Sidon to his counterpart in Berlin.

We discussed the necessity of supporting firefighters, and ways to assist them with training, whether in Sidon or in Berlin, he added.

Source: NAM News Network

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