Berri, Boldrini agree on political solution to Syrian crisis

Italian House Speaker, Laura Boldrini visited on Monday her Lebanese counterpart Nabih Berri at his Ayn Teeneh residence and concurred that only a political solution can end the crisis in Syria, and agreed on a memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the two parliaments.

The meeting, attended by Ambassador of Italy to Lebanon and other Lebanese and Italian officials, was followed by a joint press conference.

Berri revealed that the hour long meeting focused on the problem of the ever-growing number of Syrian refugees which not only threatened Lebanon, but also many European countries and primarily Italy.

The Lebanese Speaker also lauded the efforts of the Italian contingent working within the UNIFIL and focused on the high level of economic cooperation between Italy and Lebanon.

The two top officials also agreed on bolstering Lebanese-Italian parliamentary cooperation.

In turn, the Italian Speaker said that her visit to Lebanon was due to the pivotal strategic role this small Mediterranean country played. She highlighted that it was in “everyone’s best interest to keep Lebanon strong, stable and a model of coexistence.”

Boldrini was content that a memorandum of cooperation between both parliaments was going to be signed, because communication among parliaments was essential to solving most problems.

“I have asked Speaker Berri to have active participation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, which includes 43 countries.headed by Italy, in order to benefit from this international forum for the sake of dialogue.”

The Italian Speaker highlighted the generosity of Lebanon in receiving such a large number of Syrian refugees, asserting that the Syrians could never be part of the Lebanese fabric, due to what this would do the existing balance in Lebanon. This balance was not to be tampered with especially with Lebanon’s important role in the region. Once more, the Italian politician insisted on a political solution in Syria.

Source: National News Agency

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