Berri meets Finance, agriculture ministers, calls for grabbing opportunity of rescue government

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, stressed during his “Wednesday Gathering” that time was for work rather than words, calling on all to grab the opportunity of the rescue government away from settling accounts and tensions.

“Time is for action, not for words, and therefore we are all concerned, as people and state, to take advantage of this opportunity of the salvation government away from settling accounts and tensions, and providing solutions to the economic and financial crises in order to realize daily living and institutional stability, through a program of reforms and accomplishments,” Speaker Berri told his visiting lawmakers.

He added: “Whatever the challenges, the national and popular responsibility entails rising above negativities and investing in building confidence and positivities.” Berri said that the government, with its competent and specialized candidates, is able to devise visions and programs that can form the cornerstone of getting out of the current crisis.

Berri highlighted that the most important thing is the confidence of the people and the Arab and international community, which is to be granted based on the government’s reform and rescue program especially at the monetary and economic levels.

In parallel, the Speaker indicated that the Parliament and joint committees’ priority is to approve all the reform laws that were on the agenda of the general legislative session, notably those pertaining to anti-corruption and the recovery of public looted funds, and parliamentary elections’ law.

Speaker Berri tackled with his visiting lawmakers most recent developments in the region and their repercussions on Lebanon, especially in light of the deliberations of the Berlin conference.

On the other hand, Berri met with Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni, and Minister of Agriculture and Culture Abbas Mourtada.

Source: National News Agency

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