Boroujerdi: Iran has never been impediment in front of political solution to standing dossiers

Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iranian Islamic Shoura Council, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, visited on Monday afternoon the tomb of Imad Mougnieh at the Martyrs Cemetery in Ghobeiri, accompanied by Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammed Fateh Ali.

The Iranian official laid wreath on the tomb of Imad Moghnieh and read Fatiha verse on his soul, hailing the relentless sacrifices of the heroic martyrs who defended their countries with their lives.

In response to a question, Boroujerdi stressed that Iran has never been an impediment in front of any political solution to standing dossiers, saying that Iran has spared no effort to assist the Lebanese realize their aspired solutions.

Replying to another question on the Lebanese army’s armament and support, Boroujerdi expressed Iran’s readiness to support the Lebanese army with the requisite gear and arms, to assist it in countering the Israeli enemy and the Takfiri terrorism.

Source: National News Agency

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