Bou Saab patronizes National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties

National Education and Higher Education Minister Elias Bou Saab patronized on Friday the National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties organized by SKILD centre and the British Council.

The event was held at Hotel Monroe – Ain el Mreisseh.

Speaking on the occasion, the British Council head affirmed working on increasing awareness regarding the Students with Learning Difficulties cause through conferences to assist teachers in mastering abilities to handle children with learning difficulties.

British Council head also thanked SKILD, CERD and Education Ministry to establish this program and improve learning methods for children who have difficulties in that respect.

As for his part, Minister Bou Saab stressed the importance of achieving goals concerning this cause.

“We should work for solutions and move to the second base of hard work,” he said.

Bou Saab noted that children with learning difficulties should be treated as an opportunity of cooperation and not a problem.

He pledged working during the upcoming two years to build 60 schools in Lebanon, fund 30 of them in the first year and the second in the year to follow.

“I will be responsible for providing funds,” he said and hoped to witness change in the official exams concerning the participation of students with difficulties and special needs.

Source: National News Agency

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