Celebrations galore

MUSCAT: The different wilayats of Oman right from the Dhofar Governorate in the south to the most populous Batinah and the Musandam in the north witnessed celebratory processions to mark the return of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos after following a treatment in Germany.

Even schools in Muscat and other parts of the country saw children celebrating the important occasion. Several photographs which marked the occasion were also shared and circulated on social media platforms. It may be noted that most of the events were also said to be peaceful marches while the Royal Oman Police too issued precautionary measures to ensure that there are no disruptions as part of the celebrations.

279574In November 2014, following the His Majesty the Sultan’s speech on the occasion of the National Day, similar processions were taken out in wilayats and cities both by the expatriates and citizens. The ROP has warned against the use of unauthorised firearms as part of the celebrations.

A statement issued by the ROP stated that the violation of rules will include a fine of up to RO 300 and even a jail sentence up to three months, if the violation takes place in residential and other prohibited places. The authorities have also urged that no inconvenience should be caused to ordinary citizens, especially in terms of traffic disruptions as part of celebration rallies on the streets in different wilayats of the country.


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