Chamoun marking ‘April 26’ Commemoration: We have not forgotten the ugliness and destruction of the Syrian Army

“Free Liberals Party” marked on Saturday the 11th commemoration of April 26, the date that witnessed the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, in a ceremony organized at el-Qalaa Monastery in Beit Mery, in presence of several political figures and dignitaries.

In his word on the occasion, Party Head Dori Chamoun said that “we have not forgotten the ugly and destructive practices of the Syrian Army against all sects in Lebanon.”

Chamoun stressed that “we ought to know which Lebanon we wish to build, for we do not want a Lebanon that is committed to the welfare of others over its own interests.”

He urged all citizens who really love their country to “abandon their seats behind their television sets and participate with various parties willing to build Lebanon, once again, the State that we truly desire!”

For his part, Kataeb Party Head Sami Gemayel stressed on the relation that links the Kataeb and Free Liberals Parties together, a “constructive relation based on correct choices in defense of Lebanon, its freedom, sovereignty and independence.”

“We do not want Daesh nor Bashar nor Syria nor Arabs nor Iran, but rather Lebanon, first and foremost,” Gemayel underscored.

He added: “This country deserves all sacrifices, so enough of making us choose between bad and worse alternatives!”

Source: National News Agency

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