Change and Reform bloc after periodic meeting: For voluntary return of Syrian refugees

Change and Reform bloc stressed the need for the voluntary return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, saying “Prime Minister Tammam Salam pointed out in Nouakchott summit the safe places in Syria, and we await the crystallization of an advanced position in this regard.”

“What is required is the coordination with the Syrian authorities in cooperation with the United Nations, particularly in light of the statement by the recent UN presidency,” the bloc said on Tuesday in the wake of its periodic meeting in Rabieh, under the chairmanship of bloc head MP Michel Aoun.

Conferees dwelt on an array of hour issues.

On the presidential dossier, the bloc categorically refused any likely path to “internationalize” a solution in this regard; yet, the bloc voiced optimism about the presence of hopes to surpass personal calculations and build the state project, long advocated by the bloc.

Turning to the fuel and gas dossier, Free Patriotic Movement head, Minister Jibran Bassil, assured all the Lebanese that Lebanon’s natural wealth shall not be defied and the and people and the state shall receive their full rights in this regards.

“We shall not be lenient at all in wasting opportunities in our economic zones,” Bassil stressed, noting that agreement over this dossier is positive and good.

Source: National News Agency

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