Children’s celebration on Arab Orphans’ Day

MUSCAT: Orphans have the right to live a normal life like any citizen in this society, those innocent children have no guilt to suddenly find themselves with no parents, no family members, all alone by themselves facing odds of life.

Therefore, Council of Ministers of Social Affairs of the Arabs had decided to conduct a special day for this very special group called the “Arab Orphans Day”, this occasion is conducted on the 1st of April every year to shed the light on the orphans who have no one except us as a society to care for them.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Social Development organised a special celebration of this occasion at Marah Land, Al Qurm Park, for orphan children from several wilayats in the Sultanate, providing them with interesting activities such as: entertaining competitions, distributing gifts, face painting, henna painting for girls, photographing, games amusements, cartoons and magic shows with the participation of young scout team helping in the occasion.

The children were amusingly excited with the event.

During an interview with Hameed Al Matrooshi, Director of Development Department and family empowerment, he talked about the efforts the Sultanate is taking to provide for these children all the possible opportunities to have the life they deserve like other Omanis.

Hameed started by saying: “All greetings to the father of the nation his majesty Sultan Qaboos for his safe return to his homeland. We thank him for everything he did for Oman, and for these orphans who had no one to take care of them, but they found a greater father who provided everything they needed.

His Majesty included all his children without exception in building our nation.”

Hameed also added: “Our main goal in the Ministry of Social Development is to assure these children that they’re not alone and tell them that we are here to cherish them with care and love until they grow and establish their own future safe and bright like all Omani children.”

Hameed thanked all the people who participated and worked hard to give these kids the best opportunities that they deserve in life, and special thanks to the Saud Bahawan Charitable Foundation for its’ continues support towards the orphans’ centre in Al Khoud.

Hameed also mentioned that celebrating the day of the Arab orphans is to highlight the importance of this group of our children and called on all to participate in caring for them.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that the ministry’s efforts are limited to one day or one occasion. Its efforts are continuing care for these children to make them feel safe and secure.


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