NNA – The Civic National Front office (CNF) held its periodic meeting, and discussed the persistent violation by the Regime of the Constitution, the setback on legitimacy, the impoverishment and starvation of the Lebanese people brought to the edge of despair and thrown into the waves of migration amidst a regained Arab and International interest in giving shape to a salvific approach to the country of message and coexistence. The 25th of March is the Feast of the Annunciation, a day of national symbolism, a token of unity between Christians, Muslims and lay Lebanese celebrating love, commitment, public good, human dignity and social peace. The participants have underlined the following:


1-The persistent violation by the mafia and illegally armed militias of the Constitution and the overthrow of legitimacy, destruction of state institutions, theft of the Lebanese people’s savings, proves that it is crucial to institutionalize the battle for liberating the State, recovering the legitimacy and reconfiguring the State by meeting constitutional deadlines. This battle thrives amidst the birth of an alternative that is united in terms of vision, leadership and program, amidst a political position deeply imbedded in sovereignty and justice guided by the Constitution. Public policies that are intrinsically related to Lebanon’s national security and the humanitarian safety of the Lebanese people further elucidate away from dark ideologies, opportunistic ambitions, non-national wagers, chauvinistic reactions, malicious hatred, and pathological bullying, all of which are built in an organized crime targeting the Lebanese people.


2-It is crucial to embrace the initiatives of Patriarch Raii that set the foundations for the salvation of Lebanon: abiding by an neutrality approach towards axes and conflicts; putting the International and Arab community before their historic responsibility in protecting Lebanon as an entity and message; and calling for an international conference held under UN sponsorship – Lebanon being a founding member of the Arab League and the UN. The Civil Society is called upon to support and embrace the initiatives amidst the restless efforts of the dark powers to abort them. Let it be known to the far and near, that this attempt will fail and justice will prevail against slaughter and suicide.



3-The Arab and International dynamism put into saving the Lebanese existence and identity which took shape in the past couple of days is meant to communicate with the living social powers that now have the vision and program to build a new Lebanon. It is crucial to represent them at any national or international dialogue. The Lebanese diaspora is solicited to play the influential role that the resident, depleted and drained Lebanon thrives for.


The Civic National Front (CNF) reassures the Lebanese people that salvation is near and Lebanon, the country of message, coexistence, freedom, human rights, creativity, diversity, and noble civil constitution shall prevail. The CNF pays tribute to all sacrifices and remains firm in its battle with every male and female rebel.


Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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