Committee for National Innovation Strategy meets

MUSCAT: As a first step towards the implementation of the National Innovation Strategy (NIS), the supervisory national committee of the NIS met on Thursday at the main building of The Research Council (TRC) in Athaiba.

The meeting was attended by representatives from each of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning, the Education Council, the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Public Authority for Investment Promotion and Export Development, the Central Bank of Oman, Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the Information Technology Authority.

It aimed at giving an overview about the NIS and then identifying priorities and agreeing on the general concept and perception on how to move forward in the NIS project and harmonising its outputs with the existing strategies at the relevant institutions.

Commenting on this meeting, Sayyed Dr Fahad bin Aljulanda al Said, Assistant Secretary-General for Innovation Development at The Research Council (TRC), said, “This is the first meeting for starting the formulation of the National Innovation Strategy that was proposed in 2013, nearly two years ago, through the formation of a national grand committee for the National Innovation Strategy that was chaired by HH Sayyed Shihab bin Tareq al Said, Adviser to His Majesty the Sultan and Chairman of The Research Council, and with the membership of a group of ministers, advisers to consider the formulation of a strategy that is concerned of national innovation in the Sultanate.

“Based on that, TRC cooperated with UNCTAD organisation in 2013 to prepare and evaluate the Science, Technology and Innovation Policies (STIP) review of the Sultanate which was then presented, approved and submitted in Geneva last year in May 2014, and then, at the end of 2014, the STIP review report was published and then presented here in Sultanate through a national workshop.

“It was then presented to the Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning. This was followed by presenting it to the Council of Ministers. These efforts culminated with blessing of the report and assigning The Research Council to proceed with the preparation of the National Innovation Strategy.”

He added, “The vision of the main committee of the National Innovation Strategy focused on giving special interest in conducting a strategic study for evaluating the innovation system in the Sultanate. The next phase will be mainly concerned with the harmonization of the recommendations of the STIP review to the existing strategies in the rest of the relevant institutions, considering, evaluating and agreeing upon them in order to come up with a certain clear strategy aiming at promoting innovation in the Sultanate, pushing it forward and also identifying certain common goals, thus forming complementary harmonized efforts.”

Sayyed Dr Fahad al Said, said, “The National Innovation Strategy is concerned with innovation across the various fields and it is also related to several themes including human resources, economic diversity, intellectual property, institutional communication and thus, the supervisory committee is made up of members from various relevant institutions which hopefully, will have a key role in guiding the strategy and then forming and nominating names of members of the technical teams related to these themes.


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