Crime rate up 11.8 per cent

MUSCAT: The rate of crimes registered at the Public Prosecution Department has gone up 11.8 per cent to 45,306 crimes at the end of last year compared to 2013 figure of 40,539 crimes.

The Public Prosecution Department is due to a detailed 2014 crime index, today.
Governorate-wise the Directorate General of Public Prosecution in North Al Batinah Governorate received the most crimes with 10,809 accounting for 24 per cent of the total crime number followed by Muscat Governorate with 9,212 crimes or 20.3 per cent.

The most rise in the crime rate was recorded at the Directorate General of Public Prosecution in Al Buraimi with 31.5 per cent increase in 2014 over the previous year.

As many as 6,043 crimes were registerd in December last year as the most number of crimes to have occurred in one month followed by July with 2,138 crimes registered.

Of these crimes criminal offences rose by 238 cases in 2014, an increase of 6 per cent to a total of 4,205 criminal cases compared to 3,967 cases in 2013.

The number of defendants in different cases stood at 45,109 in 2014 up from 45,086 in the previous year.


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