Darsait-Wadi Kabir road to open by July

By: Kabeer Yousuf

MUSCAT: Traffic snarls on the Darsait-Wadi Kabir stretch of nearly 5 km will end soon as the expansion works and construction of the three bridges are almost 85 per cent complete and will be fully operational by June-July this year. Once the road is opened, the traffic woes of regular commuters on this road will be a thing of the past and, they are in for a smooth ride, according to an official at the Muscat Municipality’s Roads and Bridges Division.

“We are happy to announce that work on the nearly 5-km stretch of the Darsait-Wadi Kabir road is almost 85 per cent complete and will be operational in less than three months from now,” an official told the Observer.

The construction on this stretch of the road includes three state-of-the-art flyovers, and began some two years ago keeping in mind the bottlenecks in this area during peak hours. The municipality has devised a strategic plan to ease the bottlenecks in Ruwi and adjacent areas as this part of the city witnesses heavy traffic movement. “This particular project involves construction of flyovers as well as improving the interchanges on the road from the end point of Qurum road up to Wadi Kabir round about,” he added. Recently, the new expansions at Darsait flyover in the direction of Ruwi, Wadi Kabir and the Port Road were opened to public which has improved the flow of traffic significantly on all the five lanes.

Two of these lanes are on the flyover leading to the Port Road and three lanes on the directions of Muttrah and Wadi Kabir and to others towards Ruwi and Darsait. Lanes on the other side, from Ruwi and the Port Road are expected to open shortly which will significantly help motorists have a pleasant drive and reduce the time of getting to their destinations. This project also involves construction of a flyover to link the existing flyover near Hassan Ibn Tabit School with a new one in front of Star Cinema which will ensure uninterrupted movement of vehicles


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