Dbaiba in a speech to the crowds in the Martyrs Square: The world must hear our voice…no to war…yes to peace…yes to life…yes to stability…yes to elections.

Tripoli, In a speech he delivered this evening in the crowds that gathered in the center of the capital, Tripoli, in Martyrs Square, the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, “Abdul Hamid Dbaiba”, called for the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the government to spread the values of tolerance and adopt the principle of cohesion among the Libyan people. , stressing that these crowds that gathered today in the center of Tripoli did not come for a picnic, but rather to send a message that no to war, yes to peace, construction and development.

Al-Dbaiba said that your coming-out today is the strongest message in the fact that Libya is one and will remain one with all its components, and that it is not possible to go back to the past, and we cannot allow division and we will build a strong Libyan army.

Al-Dbaiba pointed out in his speech that the train of development, stability and construction has started and cannot be stopped, and the train of returning life has begun its journey and that our goal is to build our country, wondering why the peoples of the earth enjoy life and tranquility. We want to live like them and enjoy the bounties that Allah has given us.

Al-Dbaiba announced in his recent speech to those whose salaries were not released from state employees that they will all be released without exception and during this period, and that the state is in the process of establishing a youth savings bank to grant housing and development loans, for which 15 billion has been allocated.

The Prime Minister said, “They say that Dbaiba wasted money… This money is your money and I am here your servant. It is the right of the Libyans to enjoy their wealth. We spent billions on young people who want to open homes, and they cannot be left in the streets looking for a living.”

On the decision to increase teachers’ salaries, the head of the government said, “We cannot leave our teachers, who brought us to where we are, to suffer from the hardship of life, and from September the increase in their salaries will be supplied. Dbaiba renewed the call for citizens to go to the vaccination centers to receive vaccines against Corona disease in the presence of vaccines in large quantities.” In all centers.

Dbaiba concluded his speech by emphasizing that the government will attach the utmost importance to all segments of society, especially people of determination, and that they will be at the forefront of its concerns.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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