Deng-Nhial residents: The construction of a police post enhances our security

Residents of the Deng-Nhial area in Rumbek County are jubilant.

The presence of a police post in Deng-Nhial will help us reduce crime, says Ms. Yom Derkeny, adding that law and order will prevail in our community.

The construction of a new community law enforcement station is financed by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan in the hope of promoting peace and the rule of law in the area.

The community is protected by the police, if there is no police facility, the community is then at risk. Now you put it here and it means real absolute maintenance of law order for the community, Chief Marial Majok said.

Representing the government of Western Lakes, the Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Kedit Madol, was also pleased as the erection of the police facilities took off.

It will enable us to bring law-enforcement services closer to the people, he said, urging victims of crime to come forward and report their cases.

The police facility is one of the many Quick Impact Projects supported by the peacekeeping mission in the country. The construction costs USD 49,000 and will be implemented by the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek.

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan

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