Deputy Prime Minister-designate of the House of Representatives visits the Sirte Center for Oncology.


Sirte, Deputy Prime Minister-designate of the House of Representatives, Salem Al-Zadama, paid an inspection visit, Wednesday, to the Sirte Center for Oncology Treatment.


During this visit, which was accompanied by the Minister of Health and a number of ministers, he briefed Al-Zadamah about the working conditions and capabilities of the center, and inspected the medical departments as well as the additional buildings of the center that include shelters for oncology patients to receive their chemotherapy.


Center officials provided adequate explanations for the obstacles facing the center’s work, foremost of which is the non-arrival of oncology patients’ drugs from chemical doses of all kinds.


The director of the Sirte Center for Oncology, Khalifa Abdel-Fattah, told the Libyan News Agency reporter that the number of cancer cases registered at the center is more than (676) cases of tumor patients suffering from delay problems and high prices for chemotherapy.


He explained that he presented to the Deputy Prime Minister the requirements and needs of the center for the government, as well as the technical maps for the additional headquarters of the center, which in turn expressed the government’s willingness to stand with the center.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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