Derbas: No security impediments to hinder municipal elections

Social Affairs Minister, Rashid Derbas, confirmed on Thursday that there were no security impediments threatening to hinder municipal elections, “especially that political forces are highly involved in the municipal elections and have been forming coalitions in bigger cities.”

“The state is in a standby mode, but municipal elections will be held on their set dates despite all the doubts that have been shrouding the Lebanese,” Derbas told the voice of Lebanon radio station.

As for Arsal municipal elections, Derbas said that the army’s presence inside the balloting rooms comes to prohibit attempts to forge elections. “The Lebanese Army is a source of trust,” he added.

Touching on Tripoli municipal coalitions, the Minister pointed to a will by deputies to reach an understanding on a consensual municipal council with a consensual president.

“The matter will be left open for discussions within the coming few days after Mikati negotiates with political forces,” he added.

Source: National News Agency

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