Derbas says refugees’ naturalization not open to discussion

Social Affairs Minister, Rashid Derbas confirmed to “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Wednesday that no results but just suggestions stemmed out from NouaKshott Summit, adding “It’s the first time in which we behave positively.”

The minister explained that Lebanon and the neighboring countries are acting as countries receiving a lot of refugees of unknown future, pointing out that Prime Minister Tammam Salam suggested positive solutions in his speech at the summit.

Commenting on Premier’s Salam words that Lebanon would not be a country for naturalization, Derbas said that the economic and geographic structure of Lebanon stands against carrying out the naturalization issue, adding “no body dares to discuss this issue (the naturalization) with us.”

Responding to a question, the minister said that “talks about communicating with Syrian authorities over the Syrian refugees file would cause a division in the country.”

“The regions in which fighting is taking place in Syria are limited and Syrians can go back to the secured places such as the Qalamoun region,” Derbas said , adding “If the Syrian cabinet wanted to put a plan for the Syrians to go back, we will ease this return.”

Source: National News Agency

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