Derian: It is time to respond to people’s demands

Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdullatif Derian, on Saturday, called on the political class in Lebanon to listen to people’s demands.

“It is time to respond to people’s demands and to their free national will… It is time for the people to regain their confidence in the State and its and administrative institutions… It is time to respect the principles of democracy,” Derian said in a message marking the Holy Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday.

He also called on officials to form a rescue government without delay.

“I call on those responsible to form a government of competent specialists and immediately begin the implementation of the reform paper prepared by Prime Minister Hariri, to address the country’s problems,” he maintained.

Finally, Derian urged the political class to “rise above their personal interests and narrow calculations for the sake of the country and its people.”

Source: National News Agency

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