Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, has chaired today a meeting dedicated to the presentation of the integrated border management strategy in Lebanon. Were present:Zeina Akar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Nassif Hatti, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ghazi Wazni, Minister of Finance, Abbas Mortada, Minister of Agriculture, Michel Najjar, Minister of Public Works and Transport, Hamad Hassan, Minister of Health, General Joseph Aoun, Lebanese Armed Forces Commander, Major-General Abbas Ibrahim, General Director of the General Directorate of General Security, Major-General Imad Othman, Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Brigadier General Asaad al-Tufayli, Head of the Higher Council of Customs, Badri Daher, General Director of Customs, Judge Mahmoud Makiya, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Khodr Taleb , PM Advisor and Khaled Akkari, Head of PM’s Office.


The meeting was devoted to presenting the details of the strategy aimed at addressing and managing border-related issues in Lebanon, taking note of security services observations on the strategy and ensuring joint coordination in preparation for a comprehensive implementation plan, in line with international community’s demands in terms of border control as well as facilitation of cross-border transit of people and goods. The relevant strategy outlines two aspects: the first relates to cross-border smuggling and the second deals with border management.


Source: National News Agency

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