Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab chaired a meeting to address the issue of fuel smuggling and distribution, in the presence of Ministers Zeina Akar, Raoul Nehme, Mohammad Fahmy, and Raymond Ghajar, in addition to Army Commander General Joseph Aoun, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Judge Mahmoud Makie, Director General of General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Director General of the Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, Director General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, Acting Director General of Customs Raymond Khoury, as well as PM’s advisors, Khodor Taleb and Hussein Kaafarani.


After the meeting, Minister Ghajar delivered the following statement:


“Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab chaired a meeting attended by relevant ministers and heads of security services, to deal with the issue of fuel smuggling and distribution, and the following decisions were taken:


1- Mandating the Ministry of Energy and Water to ask stakeholders to prepare two detailed statements, the first featuring with the names of gasoline distributors, and the second including the names of the stations or parties to which the gasoline is distributed; the two aforementioned lists must include the volume of consumption or withdrawal and its weekly frequency for the previous years.


Upon completion of the two aforementioned statements, the Ministry of Energy and Water shall give firm instructions to importers and distributors not to bypass the distribution process and quantities that must be close to the rates featured in the statement. It is necessary to coordinate with the Ministry of Economy and Trade in this regard to take legal measures in the event of any violation.


2- Requesting the Minister of Energy and Water to immediately implement the provisions of Decree No. 1358 dated 26/12/1983 to allow for temporary or final, partial or complete confiscation of oil products, in exchange for compensation for all products, equipment and oil installations of any kind, and for transportation means, gas stations and the necessary labour force to secure public supply of petroleum products. Security services are entrusted with taking the necessary measures to ensure immediate implementation of this decision.


3- Requesting the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to allow fuel tanks to cross border areas on a daily basis, only between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm”. —-Grand Serail Press Office


Source: National News Agency

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