Diab follows up on economic situation: We have to endure difficulties in hope of achieving desired outcomes

Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, on Friday stressed that the economic situation in the country and in all sectors was experiencing grave difficulties. “We have to bear a little in the hope that the government can achieve the desired goals that will help Lebanon out of the prevailing crisis,” the Prime Minister added.

President Diab’s words came during his meeting this morning at the Grand Serail with a delegation of economic bodies headed by former minister, Mohammad Choucair.

“I know very well that the situation of economic institutions is grim, and I know that they face great challenges,” Diab added. “Unfortunately, you are under great pressure, and regrettably those destroying institutions are distorting the real demands of the popular movement and its reformist goals.”

For his part, head of the economic bodies, Mohammad Choucair, affirmed the confidence of the economic bodies in the “role played by the head of the Lebanese government.” He stressed that these bodies would stand side-by-side with the government in its reform steps.

Later, Choucair presented to the Prime Minister the economic bodies’ plan of action to face the economic crisis.

Separately, a delegation from the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners in Lebanon headed by Sami Al-Brax, paid the Prime Minister an acquaintance, which was also an occasion to explain the syndicate’s sufferings.

On emerging, Al-Brax expressed full confidence in the Prime Minister’s efforts to help alleviate the problems that the syndicate currently undergoes.

Source: National News Agency

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