Prime Minister Hassan Diab issued Saturday decree no. 9/2020, which stipulates forming a committee to follow up on the preventive measures and procedures adopted for the Corona virus.

The committee will be headed by the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Defense and will be comprised of representatives of departments and agencies delegated to the membership of the national committee tasked with developing emergency plans to face disasters of all kinds. In this context, the committee will include representatives of the Ministries of Public Health, Higher Education, Agriculture, Public Works and Transport, Foreign Affairs and Social Affairs, as well as the Internal Security Forces, the Lebanese Red Cross, and the Disaster Risk Management Unit Director at the Council of Ministers’ Presidency.

The committee’s mission would be to consolidate the efforts of the concerned departments and ministries in preparing to face the possibility of the virus’ spreading, identifying the virus spread scenarios and taking precautionary measures in public facilities (such as the airport, schools and various public places).

The committee will also determine the needs at the national level in the event of a virus outbreak, prepare a plan for communication and coordination with regional and international partners in the areas of combating cross-border epidemics, and set a mechanism for requesting external assistance when needed. It will be responsible as well for disseminating accurate information to citizens through all means of audio-visual communication and social media platforms.

In this framework, the committee will be required to submit a weekly report to the Premiership.

Source: National News Agency

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