Prime Minister Hassan Diab received today a delegation from the Military charter group, which included retired officers Mounir Akl, Elias Atamesh, Asad Al-Hashem, Fares El-Khoury, Ghassan Mahfouz, Adnan Darwish, George Saikaly, Abdo Sagheer, Hamad Haidar and Samir Jaber, in the presence of PM Advisor, Brigadier General Talal Doughan.


After the meeting, Akl said: “We discussed with the Prime Minister the economic, financial and living conditions, and we demanded that the first step towards a solution be holding accountable corrupt officials, thieves and those who have appropriated state funds. We support the self-made Premier who works day and night to mend the situation in the country after being left with a burning fire ball in hand… PM Diab is striving to move the country forward, but people must point out what is right and what is wrong; the government is leaving no stone unturned, with the assistance of all parties, but unfortunately some groups with special agendas are working to get in the way of the State’s and government’s path. We were engaged in the military movement and are still the spearhead for defending rights and demands in order to secure a decent living for the citizens and for hungry people, for incomes no longer meet all the needs. But this does not happen by attacking public and private property, blocking roads, burning tires, breaking banks, and restricting liberty. We ask the people who are interested in the advancement of the country to act in a peaceful way, point out what is right and criticize what is wrong. Is this government that has been in place for four and a half months only responsible for the hunger that has struck the people? It is responsible for corruption, theft and looting of public funds? Of course not, since the government is responsible for disclosing the names of thieves and corrupt people, and putting them on trial. This is our demand”.


Later on, PM Diab met with the Secretary General of the Lebanese-Syrian Supreme Council, Nasri Khoury, in the presence of PM Advisor, Khodor Taleb, with talks touching on the conditions of the displaced Syrians.—PM Press Office


Source: National News Agency


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