Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, has received at the Grand Serail before noon this morning, a delegation of the Consultative Gathering deputies, which included: Abdel-Rahim Mrad, Faisal Karameh, Al-Walid Sekarieh and Adnan Traboulsi, in addition to Othman Majzoub, Hisham Tabbara and Alaa Jleilati, in the presence of PM Advisor, Khodor Taleb.


After the meeting, MP Adnan Traboulsi, speaking on behalf of the delegation, said: “We were honoured by visiting HE Prime Minister Diab to discuss overall political, economic, financial and social matters; we were very pleased that the financial meeting held yesterday at the Grand Serail was excellent. Undoubtedly, the economic situation is difficult and we hope for better coming days. The Ministry of Economy will start next week to implement what has been agreed upon in terms of subsidized broad food basket that reaches the largest segment of the Lebanese society.


We also discussed with PM Diab the electricity file, with reforms underway to improve this sector’s efficiency.” — Presidency of the Council of Ministers Press Office


Source: National News Agency

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