Dualised Al Furousiya road in Seeb opens

MUSCAT: The Muscat Municipality has opened the dualised Al Furousiya road and its subsidiary roads in the Wilayat of Seeb for traffic, yesterday.

Constructed to the best international engineering standards, the new road involves a dualised bridge located between the Al Khoudh intersection and Al Qasr roundabout and linking Al Furousiya to the main carriageway and extends to Al Adiyat city intersection. The road aims to ease traffic and create alternative exits for the traffic heading towards Seeb market and the northern areas of Seeb Wilayat.

277229The location of the intersection has been carefully selected to connect the main road in the Wilayat of Seeb and Al Furousiya road to the Al Khoudh-Al Maabela road (Al Salam road) to serve the Al Maabela district and also ease traffic jams in all part of the city. The project involves construction of a 100-m bridge for the traffic coming from Al Furousiya road and heading towards Muscat as well as the traffic from Al Batinah to Al Furousiya road. It also involves construction of a dualised road connecting the intersection to the Al Salam road to the south and the dualised Al Furousiya road to the north up until the Seeb market.


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