E-registration for higher education from today

By: Mai al Abria

MUSCAT: Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC) will receive online applications from students of General Education Diploma certificate or its equivalent for the academic year 2014-2015 from Wednesday until June 1. Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Sarmi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, on Tuesday in a press conference said the students can do the registration regardless of the results of the first semester exams on the condition that they are to be within the age group (16-25 years).

The number of seats expected for the academic year 2015-2016 is 30,421 is distributed as follows: 18,850 seats in the governmental institutions, 9,708 internal scholarships, 1,653 external scholarships, 117 internal grants and 93 external grants.

The number of study programmes in the government higher education institutions, scholarships and grants for the academic year 2015-2016 reached 673 programmes.

Based on the data received from the Ministry of Education, the total number of General Education Diploma or equivalent students in the age group (16-25) is 49,874 of which 64.5 per cent (32,148 students) have passed the first semester.

48.15 per cent of the students who have passed in the first semester scored grades between 65 and 79 estimated at C level in the international standards and only 4 per cent scored higher results between 90 and 100.

The majority of the men students who have passed scored grades in the categories (c) and (d), while the majority of the females scored (b) and (c).

“We always study the requirements of the Omani market and based on the results collected, the ministry sets up the specialisations of study for students. In general, this year the admission rate of students in the different higher educational institutions will decrease. For example, the ministry of manpower has decreased the number of seats at the vocational institutions”, Al Sarmi said.

The Higher Education Admission Centre spares no effort to help students and facilitate the registration process. In an annual basis, it introduces new electronic features and adds some procedures that enable students to use the electronic system easily. Such enhancements comes in response to the proposals presented by the employees of the centre, students, users of the system like the vocational guides from the Ministry of Education or administrators at the higher education institutions.


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