Economist: There Are 29 Legal Violations Recorded In The Budget

Baghdad The specialist in economic affairs, Durgham Muhammad Ali, called the concerned authorities to address legal violations in the 2021 budget before returning it to the government by Parliament.

In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), Muhammad Ali said: “29 legal violations were recorded, substantive and formal, on the budget by the Legal Committee of the Cabinet Secretariat, and they were not addressed by the government.”

He added, “The legal department must address these legal breaches before returning them to the government to reduce the exaggerated expenditures and amend the paragraphs that pressure the people.”

He pointed out, “The two most prominent legal breaches that pose a threat to Iraq’s subsistence are the clause of repaying the external debt of the Kurdistan region, which is an illegal clause, considering these debts are illegal because external borrowing is an exclusive federal authority.”

He continued: “The second important breach is related to the illegality of the clause of selling state real estate outside the legal controls. It is a clear and gross corruption clause that needs to be canceled because it is not needed, and it contains more than it shows of harm.” Stressing: “Approving a budget with gross legal violations will make it a stain in the work of Parliament, after the government agreed to itself violating the law and fighting the Iraqi people by drafting the worst and strangest budget in the history of Iraq. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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