Elias Murr from Ain Tineh: Berri symbol of coexistence

Head of INTERPOL in Lebanon, Elias Murr, hailed House Speaker Nabih Berri as a symbol of moderation and coexistence in the country.

Murr on Tuesday visited Berri in Ain Al Tineh, whereby he criticized looking for a new parliamentary elections law amidst the absence of a president.

He called instead to shed light on the municipal elections in the meantime.

Turning to the presidential elections issue, Murr said that such matter could be resolved as soon as the US presidential elections and the solutions to Yemeni and Syrian crises would be concluded. However, the Lebanese presidential elections could be accomplished regardless of the mentioned international considerations if Lebanese politicians wanted that, according to him.

Amongst Ain Al Tineh’s visitors had been Judge Jean Fahed, new Armenian Ambassador and head of Jbeil Municipality Ziad Hawat.

Source: National News Agency

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