Entrepreneurs training programme launched

RUSTAQ: Following the “Riyada” Project sponsored by the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (PASMED), the 1,000 entrepreneurs training programme was launched last on February 8. The programme was themed “Continue Your Success” and held at Rustaq College of Applied Sciences.

The five-day training programme concluded on February 12 and included basic themes on strategic planning, human resources, steps to develop projects locally and internationally and its overall quality.

Training was provided by Dr Riham Saud Ahumaian (Business Development Consultant, Director of Al Ebdaa Consulting Centre) and Mohammed Maskary (Executive Director of Tomoh Studies, a consulting, training and marketing centre).

At the opening ceremony, Dr Hamoud bin Amer al Wardi, Dean of the college, in his speech referred to the importance of the campaign on the economic empowerment of youth and women and to the role played by Siraj Organisation for Economic Development in financing small and emerging youth and women entrepreneurs in the Sultanate.

Dr Riham in his address spoke about strategic management which has become an essential tool for organisations to learn and evolve if they want to formulate a state of excellence and respond effectively to the ever-accelerating and increasing global changes.


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