European Bank To Fund Public Transport Project In Lebanon’s Tripoli

BEIRUT, The European Investment Bank, announced that, it will fund the public transport project, for Lebanon’s northern city of Tripoli.

The bank is ready to finance the project, as a basic need to solve the traffic crisis in Tripoli, in addition to finalising the railway studies, for building a railway from Beirut to Tripoli, the bank’s delegation said, during its meeting with Lebanese Public Works and Transport Minister, Youssef Fenianos.

The bank will fund the building of a complete network inside Tripoli and its suburbs, including the establishment of a major passenger terminal, at the southern entrance of the city.

The bank will also purchase buses and create an information technology system, to manage the project.

Lebanon lacks a sustainable and efficient transport system and infrastructure, causing a traffic crisis.

The absence of serious plans to improve public transportation has weighed heavily on Lebanon’s economy in the past years.

Source: Nam News Network

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