Ex-Nissan Chief Reaffirms No Ambition For Political Role In Lebanon

BEIRUT, Former Nissan chief, Carlos Ghosn, said, he has no plan to play a political role in Lebanon but is ready to help the country with his expertise.

I am not a politician and I do not like politics; but if my experience and skills can benefit Lebanon, I will not hesitate to serve the country, Ghosn was quoted as saying by Elnashra, an online independent newspaper.

Ghosn described Lebanon’s crisis as political, not economic.

The solution to Lebanon’s crisis is not difficult. It is a matter of strong will and how to convince the Lebanese population of a specific plan, with short term solutions and a longer term vision, to explain how this plan will evolve in the future, Ghosn explained.

Ghosn arrived in Lebanon late last month from Japan, amid charges of financial misconduct.

Source: Nam News Network

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