Exhibition on genetic resources in Buraimi

MUSCAT: The national awareness campaign, supervised by Oman Animal and Plant Genetics Resources Center, was inaugurated on Sunday under the auspices of Khalaf al Eshaqi, Wali of Al Buraimi. It received quite a good number of visitors.

The exhibition attracted several school students aged between 8 and 12 years. These exhibitions aims at conveying the Center’s message as it seeks to cash in on Oman’s genetic resources by highlighting the general society about the valuable treasures of the Sultanate. The new generation, it is hoped through this exhibition, will conserve and protect Oman’s treasures.

Oman, undoubtedly, is a haven for huge genetic treasures.

The campaign seeks to introduce the importance of genetic diversity and risks that threaten marine and wild life. These treasures are sustainable natural heritage that needs to be documented and conserved. Al Eshaqi pointed out that this exhibition is useful for school students as they will be able to identify all living organisms that Oman is blessed with be it marine life, desert or agricultural ones. Al Eshaqi thanked the organisers of the exhibition and praised the efforts made on holding these campaigns.


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