Fadlallah : Parliamentary elections to be held in 2017, no prorogation

“Loyalty to Resistance” bloc Deputy, Hasan Fadlallah, said on Sunday that parliamentary elections in Lebanon would be held next year, noting that there will be no renewal or extension of the Parliament’s mandate.

His words came during a ceremony held in southern Lebanon for the commemoration of 2006 victory.

Fadlallah explained that the political crisis in the country was due to the absence of agreements on core issues, notably the new electoral law and the presidential vacuum.

“In order to solve the presidential crisis, a dialogue must be held with MP Michel Aoun and concessions should be made, without any attempt to marginalize the other,” he noted.

The MP stressed that the current government must be responsible and cannot proclaim incapacity, pointing out that the cabinet has constitutional and legal prerogatives but lacks the courage to make decisions to treat the crises related to citizens.

Source: National News Agency

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