Falha calls for president election

Director General of the Ministry of Information, Hassan Falha, upped calls on Sunday to elect a new president of the republic “so that the country should not be a headless body.”

Speaking to Radio Lebanon, Falha indicated that the municipal and mayoral polls constituted a key and deep experience, explaining that they pave the way for the legislative elections with a political aspect.

“We must see that what happened today confirmed that the political authority in Lebanon must be reformed; there can’t be development without the municipal elections which constitute the local authority,” he said.

“The political authority cannot be practiced without knowing how to practice the municipal one,” he remarked.

“The municipal polls do have a political aspect; but what is required today is the election of a president of the republic,” he underlined.

Besides, Falha confirmed that he would vote in the municipal polls in his home town, Mays-al-Jabal, in South Lebanon, expected uncontested win in his village.

Source: National News Agency

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