Fatfat: Hariri’s participation in dialogue depends on ranking leaders’ presence

“Future” Parliamentary bloc member, MP Ahmad Fatfat, confirmed on Tuesday that Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s participation in dialogue is directly linked to the attendance of all the top ranking leaders, noting that former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora will represent the “Future” Movement at the dialogue table.

“The presence of the “Future Movement” leader Saad Hariri in the dialogue session is linked to the presence of all senior leaders of the front row, including the Secretary General of Hizballah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,” Fatfat told “Voice of Lebanon” radio station.

Fatfat pointed out that the synchronization of the visit of the President of the Iranian parliament Alaeddin Boroujerdi with the dialogue session was not a coincidence, but a well studied Iranian step and a message to the region that Iran controls the political situation in Lebanon, stressing that “the Lebanese national forces strongly confront this Persian tide.”

Fatfat said that the meeting between Hariri and MP Walid Jumblatt came within ” the framework of communication and ongoing coordination to unify the fronts at all levels in order to have a unified national position,” underscoring the fact that the election of a new president is the gate to solving all issues, then drafting a new parliamentary electoral law, but not on the basis of a full basket that some are trying to pass.

The lawmaker stressed that his bloc was convinced that the relation between Change and Reform bloc head MP Michel Aoun and Hizballah depended on political matters, adding that the problem is not with Aoun but with Hizballah.

He added that the party that sought to achieve agreement in Lebanon had to communicate with Hizballah because, “Aoun does not own, whatsoever, his political decision.”

Source: National News Agency

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