Fatfat: Lawsuits against Youssef proved him innocent

Future bloc member, MP Ahmad Fatfat said in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon 100.3 – 100.5 radio station that “Abdel-Menhem Youssef needs no cover from the Future Movement,” assuring that “there was no such cover on Youssef in the first place.”

“Some are trying to put blame on him [Youssef], thus attempting to cover up for the illegal internet and phone calls dossier,” he accused.

“All the lawsuits filed against Youssef have proven him innocent,” he argued.

Tackling the national dialogue session, Fatfat said “dialogue is important but decisions must be made at the Parliament.”

“The ‘full basket’ suggestion must not be an attempt to try changing the system,” the Deputy said, uttering concern over “what is happening on the dialogue table of attempts to ‘undermine’ the legislative authority.”

Source: National News Agency

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