Fatfat: Powerful political party covers executor of BLOM blast

“Future” parliamentary bloc member, MP Ahmad Fatfat, accused on Saturday a powerful political party of covering up the executor of BLOM Bank blast.

“There is a powerful political party that doesn’t want us to know who carried out (BLOM Bank) blast,” Fatfat told “Voice of Free Lebanon” radio station.

Commenting on Al-Qaa explosions, the MP said that nothing explains so far what happened in Al-Qaa due to the precision and planning that usually accompanies the terrorism operations any where in the world, pointing out that “Lebanon’s protection stems out first from politics via forming power and implementing Baabda declaration and second from security via implementing UN 1701 which, within its whole context, includes all the Lebanese borders.”

Fatfat considered that separating the Lebanese crisis from the Syrian one is possible but “it needs a decision from some Lebanese officials, a difficult step in the presence of Hizbullah’s policy,” pointing out that the random camps of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon jeopardizes the security, economy and health situation in Lebanon.

Fatfat confirmed that “illegal arms are the biggest of all catastrophes.”

The lawmaker said “No body imposes our political opinions on us not even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” pointing out that “the Sunnis won’t benefit from implementing Taef in a wrong way.”

Source: National News Agency

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