Fayyad: Hezbollah won’t take any aggression easily

Hezbollah won’t take any aggression easily, party parliamentarian Ali Fayyad {responded to fresh Israeli threats), during the funeral of a slain party member at Khiyam Husayniyya mosque today.

Repeated Israeli utterances over destroying Lebanon betrays ill feelings on part of certain Lebanese constantly giving potential Israeli aggression the blind eye, the MP added. Listing continued Israeli occupation of Shib’a amid territorial, aerial and littoral transgressions, Fayyad went on to say that his party has got enough muscle to repel any aggression by exacting an unprecedented price on Israel; such an Israeli misadventure will be tantamount to a grave historical folly, he retorted.

Notably, Israel failed to score any point in its fight with a then fledgling party so how about now as we’ve accumulated advanced expertise in world military standards? he exclaimed.

Source: National News Agency

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