Federalism Conference: To declare Lebanon a ‘failed state’

In an issued statement on Saturday, the Secretary-General of the “Permanent Conference of Federalism” Alfred Riachi called on the international community to “declare Lebanon a failed state, given the catastrophic failure of all political forces in managing the most elementary of affairs, to the extent that some, such as Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, have gone to the point of declaring war on major countries in matters that are not related to Lebanon and the Lebanese, and which are supposed to fall within the powers of the state; and to the extent that none of those who present themselves as alternatives are able to suggest any practical solutions that appeal to Lebanon’s pluralistic environment.”

“We call for declaring Lebanon a failed state, and resorting to a general conference away from rhetoric slogans…and adopting a practical system that simulates the plural fabric of Lebanon, i.e. the federal system,” Riachi said.

“We warn that if no fateful decisions are taken, then we are heading towards further deterioration and collapse that will spare no one,” he underlined.

Source: National News Agency

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