Finance Minister partakes in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Minister of Finance, Ali Hassan Khalil, participated in the open meeting held by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, with the delegations partaking in St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Putin focused on the economic and financial affairs of his country and the relation between Russia and the European Union. He also highlighted Moscow’s stance from the developments in the Middle East.

Lebanese Minister Khalil held various meetings on the sidelines of the Forum with top officials from Russian and other foreign economic institutions and bodies. The Minister’s talks zeroed in on financial files pivotal for Lebanon.

He confirmed that Lebanon played a key role in the Middle East as a gateway for future projects to be launched once the security situation in both Syria and Iraq was resolved.

The oil file also topped Khalil’s discussions, particularly promising projects for oil and gas exploration. On that note, the Minister confirmed the urge to speed up issuing practical decrees concerning the sector’s exclusive economic zone and taxation, with the hopes that this would top the Cabinet’s agenda in its next session.

Khalil warned that any delay in this matter would cost Lebanon a lot of financial losses.

Source: National News Agency

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