Former Governor of Katanga Moise Katumbi Reacts to Democratic Republic of Congo National Government Statement About Need to Delay National Elections

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, 2015 / PRNewswire — Earlier today an article coming out of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reported a spokesperson for DRC’s President Kabila saying that the national elections scheduled for the fall of 2016 should be delayed “2 to 4 years”.  President Joseph Kabila is constitutionally limited to two terms, the second of which ends next year.  This appears to be an attempt by President Kabila to stay in power.

Former Governor Moise Katumbi made the following statement from Algeria shortly after his soccer team, TP Mazembe, played in the first game of the CAF Champion League Finals. A game his team won 2-1.

Gov. Katumbi’s message of peace is in reaction to the acts of intimidation and a faux coup that President Kabila is reportedly attempting to fabricate then pin on his political opposition (notably Mr. Katumbi).

Below is Moise Katumbi’s on the record statement in response to the report that the ruling party is calling for a delay in the national election:

“The ruling coalition’s call to delay national elections is troubling but unfortunately not surprising.  The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have spoken through their Constitution that they do not want a president for life – and that they want presidents to be limited to no more than two five-year terms.  More than that, the Congolese people want regular, free, fair, and transparent elections – and that should start with a national election in the fall of 2016.

“As frustrating as this latest announcement from the government may be to the Congolese people – and to me personally – I continue to believe that the only and best way to share our displeasure is through peaceful, non-violent means.  I have never believed in violence as a means of resolving differences in a civil society and I deplore its use.  If others choose to protest, I ask that that they do so peacefully — for their safety and the strength of our country.  In order for democracy to flourish in the DRC we must demonstrate to ourselves and the world that we are able to achieve a peaceful and lawful transition of power.”

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