The Free Patriotic Movement’s political body convened Saturday in its periodic meeting headed by FPM Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, during which conferees reminded that the specific deadline set at the “Pine Palace” has ended two weeks ago, yet the awaited cabinet has not been formed.


In an issued statement following the meeting, the FPM political body “affirmed that the Movement continues, with conviction, its facilitative and positive role for the birth of the mission government, but warned that no party understands this facilitation as a kind of weakness, because FPM is contributing to the solution based on its position of popular strength and parliamentary legitimacy. However, it is never ready to annul itself politically, and will not allow any attack on its affiliates or supporters or its headquarters, and it will respond appropriately to each case.”


The FPM body renewed its commitment to “the rapid formation of a government that respects the unified standards and is capable of being productive and working effectively to achieve the required reform program,” while stressing that FPM offers its advice and has not set any prior conditions nor demands in this regards. However, FPM emphasized that its facilitation ought not to be perceived as a consecration of any custom, refusing herein that any ministerial portfolio be considered the right of any sect or group in the country. Rather, it suggested the distribution of “sovereign ministries” among the smaller sects in Lebanon, specifically the Druze, Alawites, Armenians and Christian minorities.


The FPM body highlighted that “the most important criterion at this stage is not the sectarian and political affiliation of the minister, but rather his/her qualifications, ethical standards, capabilities and expertise to achieve the agreed-upon goals.”


It concluded its statement by asserting that “even though it has relinquished its part in the new government formation, FPM will not give up its role in representing whoever represents, and it will not accept inequality among the Lebanese, nor will it accept to bypass the partnership of the President of the Republic in forming the new government.”

Source: National News Agency

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