Future bloc after weekly meeting: Priority for election of president followed by new electoral law

“Future” bloc adopted the entry put forward by former Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, at the dialogue session this morning, reiterating emphasis on the priority for the election of a president of the republic prior to endorsing a new election law by the House of Parliament.

“The president has the prerogative to put his remarks on the new electoral law which will then be followed by holding parliamentary elections in accordance with this new law,” Future bloc said on Tuesday in a statement issued in the wake of its periodic meeting, under the chairmanship of bloc head, Fouad Siniora.

Conferees took up the overall situation on the domestic arena.

The bloc beseeched all deputies to head to the Parliament next Thursday to attend the parliamentary session to elect a new president of the republic, in order to put terms to the longstanding vacuum in presidency which is inflicting immense political, security and economic risks.

On the other hand, the bloc called on the security and judicial services to speed up the completion of investigation into the recent BLOM Bank explosion to uncover the criminals who stood behind the crime and bring them to justice, warning against the negative and dangerous repercussions and impact inflicted on the image of Lebanon’s security and economic situation.

Future bloc also pointed out that “it is due time for Hezbollah after the heavy losses incurred on the youth of Lebanon, to abandon its adopted through halting its growing involvement in the lethal regional wars, in order to safeguard the blood of Arabs and the Lebanese youth.”

Future also deemed the Lebanese banking system as the main economic pillar which plays a key role in supporting the steadfastness of the Lebanese economy, growth and contributes to safeguarding stability and the livelihood of the Lebanese, their savings and their contact with the wider world.

The bloc categorically underlined that the banking system in Lebanon is binding like other banking systems in all world countries to respect the rules of the global banking and financial system.

Source: National News Agency

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